Opps! Sorry!

June 8, 2009 at 10:59 am Leave a comment

Sasha & Sarah, I am sorry to keep you all waiting for my updates. I took a month break from blog and art. Anyway, I’m back!

Okay, where should I start?

I was planning on something remember? I took quite a while to understand that it would not work that easily. I still need time to source and work on it. Say, the costs, profits, prices, shipping and marketing. Yup! That’s right! I was planning to start my own Etsy of handmade purse. It was a shame as I start thinking of it but I have yet to make one prototype. Reality strikes me. I soon see the point that it will not work well if my product is not UNIQUE (as in REAL UNIQUE). There are competitions all over Etsy, why would someone buy my product if there is no uniqueness in my product. I pondered on that and decided to put it on hold. No, I have not give up on it. I just need time to re-plan everything.

Interested to see the photos I mentioned? Sorry, I took me so long to upload them. This is the thing that got me started to think about setting up an Etsy store.

Last but not least, what exactly kept me from blog-world for so long? Well, I was feeling down as my boyfriend was out-of-town frequently last month (*sad* He’s going off again this month). All my creativity is buried by my mood and thus, resulting a pause in my works and all. I am sure I’ll be back on track soon. (: At least, something is keeping me a little busy from feeling too sad. I rear a pet fish in my family’s tank of fishes. I’ll post the picture as soon as I upload them.

(: I feel sunny-side up today. (Pardon my description, please.) =P


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*dusting the blog* Family Pet Fishes

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