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In order to complete the process of merging Pretty Little Things (@ with Little Prettlings, importing posts are necessary. 🙂 If you do read my previous blog, you’ll know why I shifted here (though I did not explain). It is tough handling 2 blogs.

Oh WOW! It is fast. As I was typing this post, WP sent me a notification saying that the IMPORT SUCCESSFUL. Great! 🙂

Everyone, I officially announced that Pretty Little Things is now Little Prettlings! =D


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10 Craft Essentials

Craft Colleagues

These things don’t seem important but is almost so important that I can’t work without. I have to acknowledge my craft essentials and make sure I never run out of them, or I’ll be in deep trouble.

  1. Sewing Machine
    I uses Janome Indigo 14. The basic and yet not so basic machine from Janome is ever pleasing me. I bought it after seeking advices on Etsy forums.
  2. Fabric Scissor
    The one I have now is from local thrift store. It’s really long and though not heavy, it cuts properly, so for now I shall live with it.
  3. Tailor Chalk
    Used to have those Clover chaco pencils but it never stops breaking. I switched to Clover tailor chalks which last longer and don’t break so easily.
  4. Fray Stoppa Glue
    Got it from local Spotlight store. It helps to stop ribbons, laces and fabric ends from fraying. I use it mainly for my lace flowers.
  5. Ruler
    I can never draw a straight line, so I use the long metal ruler from my old school time to draw straight lines.
  6. Sewing & Embroidery Needles
    I have different sizes of needles. I use them accordingly depending on the material I use on and the thickness of thread. I learn this from a Japanese craft book.
  7. Embroidery Thread
    I bought a big bundle from local thrift store. I bought all sorts of colours just in case I need to embroider in certain colour.
  8. Sewing Thread
    I really do prefer white threads for normal sewing. It’s easy to match and I don’t have to change it often. I own some other colours too, but it is quite rare for me to use them.
  9. Pins
    I learn the hard way to know how much I need them. Guide lines need to match before you start sewing layers together!
  10. My Hands
    What can I make without my hands? They are the most important tools I need.

So, what’s yours? Post a comment and let me know what is important to your crafting.

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Featured! 100 Hearts!

Little Prettlings is very honored to be featured in PaperPixieCreations’ blog on October 8, 2009. 😉 Fellow Singaporean found me on Etsy selling my pretty purses.

PaperPixieCreations Blog

PaperPixieCreations' Blog

Little Prettlings hit the mark of 100 Hearts on Etsy within 3 weeks! YAYS! Nothing could be much happier than seeing Little Prettlings taking a step at a time towards being better each day! 🙂

Little Prettlings hits 100 hearts

Little Prettlings hits 100 hearts

And new products will be coming up on Sunday, 12 noon (SST)! So, please do check back! 🙂

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Featured, New Toy, LP Badge!

Wow! It’s another exciting week! Lots to do, but never enough! 🙂 I hope I can bring good news of sale coming in soon. There’re a few things to update you guys!

First of all, Little Prettlings is very honoured to be featured on the following blogs:

WindandRains Blog

WindandRain's Blog

LoveClays Blog

LoveClay's Blog

Alexanders Blog

Alexander's Blog

Secondly, I’ve created a badge for Little Prettlings! It’s at the sidebar, and you can grab it and link to Little Prettlings in your blog! 🙂 I love that it is animated!



The last and the happiest thing is that I welcome a new working partner –sewing machine! Mimi (her name) is a Janome Indigo 14. 🙂 I’ll be working with her to create more prettlings for my shop! Apologies I have yet to taken a decent photo of Mimi…(Background is a mess)



Don’t forget Little Prettlings Weekly Products Feature is tomorrow! (Singapore Standard Time – Friday) Check back! 🙂

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4 Rules to Protect your Fabric Scissors

Does your fabric scissor turn blunt fast?

I used to work in a fashion retail store where altering the length of pants and jeans is a daily chore and it irks me when the cranky fabric scissor turns blunt after just a few months of sharpening.

To prolong the sharpness of the one and only fabric scissor in the shop, rules were imposed and it worked well in the shop. Here are 4 rules you can impose at home:

  1. Handle with care!
    Dropping the scissor is never good.
  2. Strictly for cutting fabric only!
    It’s named FABRIC scissor, isn’t it?
  3. Even more strictly, do not use to cut sticky-tape!
    You wouldn’t like a STICKY fabric.
  4. Keep it away from children.
    Just to prevent them from using it for craft. (:

These rules can prolong the sharpness of the fabric scissor but it doesn’t mean that sharpening is no long required. Pamper your fabric scissor by sharpening it occasionally.

Now, you own a HAPPY fabric scissor!

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Little Prettlings Weekly Featured Products!

A Weekly Featured Products will be held in this blog. (More information:

Hearted products will be posted on weekly basis, every Friday. Permission of seller will be sought before posting.

(: Keep a lookout!

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Updates Subscription

Hey all!

😀 New feature has just been added to this blog! I’m so excited to share with you guys that Little Prettlings @ WordPress is now available for email and web-based news reader subscription! Try them out at the side bar and receive Little Prettlings blog updates.

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This feature is powered by Google FeedBurner.

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